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It Grabs sports ball holder

Are you tripping over rolling, loose soccer balls in your garage or gym? Constantly searching for the game ball from under the car or out in the yard? Finally, a storage solution and display piece in one. It Grabs sports ball holder helps organize your bedroom, garage, office or gym while it displays your valuable soccer balls. You will always know where your prized soccer ball is and the ball holder will preserve its life for years to come. The “hand” design will grip hold the soccer ball firmly in its place. No more bins in the garage either, taken up valuable floor space. It Grabs sports ball holder easily installs to many surfaces with included hardware. Where to buy.

An ideal storage solution

It Grabs sports ball holder can help keep your sport balls clean and free of damage by keeping them off the ground. If you collect sports memorabilia, one of these would work well for displaying a signed football, basketball, volleyball, or soccer ball. It Grabs sports ball holder is both stylish looking and highly functional, so it makes an ideal solution for that pile of balls cluttering the floor of your garage, or that collectible one that keeps rolling off your desk.  Quickly mount this holder to any wall, and it will provide a clever way to hold balls when not in use, or display them permanently. It is so easy to use, that even a small child can insert or remove balls in a flash. Buy your It Grabs right here.

Easy to use

To use this holder, you simply press the ball straight in, or pull it straight out. When you apply forward pressure, the fingers will gently expand to allow the ball to slip in quickly and easily. Large, rounded tips reduce friction as you slide the ball, and then hold it in place once inside the holder. This holder is simple, effective and better looking than most others. Because it is so easy to use, and versatile as far as placement, you can easily adapt it to fit your needs. Buy your It Grabs right now.

Comes in 3 sizes

It Grabs sports ball holder comes in 3 sizes and will hold basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, rugby balls, polo balls and any autographed or game balls you can think of.

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